1. Marie Dunn-Harris

    My favorite is the Enell sports bra. It’s the best! They have very few stores they sell them in, but you can get them online.

  2. I agree, the C9 bras from target are for (1) easy yoga, and (2) days when I’m too lazy to get a real bra on (or they are all in the wash).

    It hurts me to watch women run with bad sports bras. It doesn’t look comfortable, and those chest ligaments are NOT going to be happy (or hold up as long) from all that bouncing! Ladies, take care of yourselves!

    You should check out a Title Nine bra trunk sale event, if there is a store near you. They have fully trained “bra evengelists” who will make sure you get the right bra. If there isn’t one near you, you can also look at their bra catalogue. It has ratings based on what activities the bra is good for (high impact, low impact) and a huge range of sizes.

    My personal favorite right now is the Champion Marathon Bra, but I’m not large-of-chest. I also like one of the Brooks bras that I own. My friends report that both Champion and Moving Comfort make bras for a range of sizes, and I mean bras that control the girls. I’ve also tried on the Enell and while it is totally overkill for someone of my size, it has industrial-strength holding power.

    My advice: when you find a running bra you like, always buy two. Then make sure to stalk them on the sports flash sales (e.g. Active Gear Up) and on that brand’s website (subscribe to the newsletter–it’s worth the discount; I’ve managed to score 50% off my shoes that way).

  3. I love the Skirt Sports bras. They are way more supportive than what I used to use! Make sure you use a discount code to sign up for the Boobie Run – SSMCM20 gets you 20% off!

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      I just registered and received the gift certificate! Oh, and a skirt may have made its way into my shopping cart, as well. 🙂 Thanks for the discount!!!

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