1. I love running on beaches! And since I’ve always lived in land locked cities, rarely get to do so.

    A few years back we were in Miami (but not actually on the beach). I got to run along the ocean, though, which was great until that thunderstorm rolled in. It was my anniversary. I was seriously praying not to be killed on my anniversary; I didn’t think my husband would like that. Obviously, all’s well that ends well.

    I have run along the beach several times in Kauia. I know, torture, right?

    I have run along the ocean in Monterey, but again not on a beach. And in Key West, but again not on the beach because they really don’t have big beaches there!

    I didn’t mind getting rained on in Miami.

  2. Hi Jennifer – This is my first time on your blog. I’m from Palm Beach, Florida. We moved here recently, but so far, I have never been to Clearwater. Thanks for the little tour:)
    I love running on the beach – so rejuvenating! I don’t blame you though for turning around when the dark clouds came in. You don’t want to get caught in a rainstorm on the beach!

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      Thanks for reading! I just LOVE Florida! I know it’s hot, but there is something about the palm trees, the air, the beach and water. It’s just great. I just beat the storms today, but tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so I am going out super early to get in a run on my last day here.

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