1. My friend always go to a Jimmy Buffet concert every summer. I bet he puts on a good show. Love the Virginia coast area. I lived in Virginia Beach for three years! Good times there! Nice dining room. I really like the color.

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      If you ever get a chance, go see a Buffett show. Just get the cheapest tickets and have a good time! Thanks on the room color. It looks a little green in the photo, but it’s actually gray. Thanks for reading!

  2. Yes, I enjoy reading your blog! I’m sure a lot of bloggers don’t have as much time after the summer.

    Is it sad that summer means I have more time since we didn’t go anywhere? Hope to be making up for that soon!

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      Thanks, Judy. It’s hard to find time with after school activities,, homework help, dinner, etc. And I only have one child! Don’t know how other mother bloggers do it! Thanks for reading!

  3. I look forward to hearing about the Zooma race. I keep hearing about their races and will probably want to give one a try at some point. This is the first time I’m training for a half marathon without a group and I’ve learned that I definitely prefer the group training 🙂 I hope the rest of your Summer goes well 🙂

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